Sunday, 5 June 2016

Imaculum - Reducing Boundaries With Face Recognition

For your event photography business to thrive it is important for your customers to be able to find their images as quickly, accurately and easily as possible. Why is this important?

Imagine 'speed', 'accuracy' and 'difficulty' each being a boundary blocking your customer placing an order. The harder you make these boundaries to pass, the more opportunities your customer has to give up and leave without making a purchase.

Google and Amazon are both incredible at this. How often do you need to go beyond the first page of search results to get to the information or item you are after? How quick and easy do they make searching?

Imagine a large event. Thousands of images have been taken. Nobody wants to search through all the image thumbnails trying to find the images of themselves. It is slow, frustrating and, from your perspective, takes up valuable viewing screen time and may not result in a photo sold.

Scrolling through lots of thumbnails is slow, inaccurate, and hard. The worst case for each of the boundaries mentioned above. How can we convert that to fast, accurate, easy?

Henwig's event photography software, Imaculum, solves this problem for events at which you capture portraits. These events may range from charity balls, portrait photography at sporting events, school proms, masquerade balls and more. Imaculum uses a customer's own face as a 'search term'. Imaculum looks at the person via webcam on the computer screen and using face recognition it is able to compare the person's face with the faces in the photographs you have taken at the event. The customer is then presented with the photographs they are in.

To summarise, the customer finds the images they are interested in (the pictures of themselves) simply by standing in front of the screen for a few seconds. They don't need to do anything else.

Fast, accurate, easy.

Event photography is a competitive business. It is important to make it quick and easy for your customers to find their images.

The issues faced with finding relevant images are only a few of the boundaries a customer faces in a typical scenario. It is then important for your customer to easily buy from you, and simple and quick for you to process and produce their order. Imaculum works to solve these problems too, which will be the topic of a future post.

Happy eventing!